Center For American Design and Politics


Selected Press

Washington Post, Dezeen, Fast Company, Core 77, Muse, Medium, It’s Nice That


Susan Merriam, Kevin Wiesner, Seth Kransler, Will Denton, JS Tan

The Center for American Politics and Design (CAPD) is a research group investigating the graphic vernacular of American politics.

The first of its kind, this collection consists of every campaign logo† from the 2018 election for United States Congress. The archive is a tool to explore trends and typologies that reveal themselves only when viewed in aggregate.

Founded in 2018, CAPD aims to increase political literacy among designers and to foster a dialogue about the role of design in the American democratic process.

Our complete dataset is available upon request; we welcome anyone to use this collection to conduct their own analyses.

† For candidates with at least a 10% likelihood of winning according to fivethirtyeight.

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