Music streaming services vastly underpay the artists they depend on.

And in 2015, listeners were unaware.

Working with Henry Macconnel, I created Eternify to combat this problem—in tandem with the release of our own debut single as the musical duo Ohm & Sport.

Leveraging Spotify's royalty system, Eternify allowed listeners to loop their favorite artist every 30 seconds, and share their financial impact to social media.

Within days of Eternify's launch, thousands of listeners from over 140 countriestook to Twitter with a new understanding of their involvement in the economics of music streaming.

Media quickly took notice: Wired; Forbes; an interview with the BBC; major tech blog coverage; commentary for CNBC. The project was even immortalized in a Wikipedia reference.

Ultimately, Spotify kindly requested that we discontinue the service. They later invited us to their New York headquarters, where we discussed efforts to highlight lesser-known artists.

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